Timber News Nov 05

EWI visits leading Chinese universities

European Wood Initiative have visited the four leading Chinese universities in timber structure/engineering; seeked for strategic cooperation, September 12-16.
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2nd advertising wave of the promotion
campaign Le bois c’est essentiel
The French promotion campaign in France, Le bois c’est essentiel, will be launched on October 7th
After the first message “Did you know that consuming wood is doing good to our forests”, the second part will show the advantages of wood as a building material by saying There is always a solution in wood.


Request for establishment EU-Japan Building Expert Committee The request was submitted on September 9th to the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport.After months of lobbying, the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Trade has accepted European Wood Initiative as a counter part in regulatory talks.
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International collaboration to increase use of wood in Asian
Nordic sawmill industry working
with the U.S. and Canada in China

In the picture: Members from the Ministry of Public Security visiting Europe and confirming the cooperation in June

The Nordic Timber Council and the collaborative effort European Wood have begun working with the U.S. and Canada to improve opportunities for building with wood in China. Initially, this unique partnership involves fire regulations and codes that currently limit the use of wood in the building sector. The leading Tianjin Fire Research Institute, which is a part of the Ministry of Public Security, is active in the project.
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