The Wood in your eyes Photo competition held

Photo competitionWood in your eyes
Beautiful images of wood can be seen everywhere: a tree standing alone on a hill, wooden cladding catching the evening light, an old wooden house defying the elements,the details of a wood construction, a  wooden boat’s reflection in the water, a close-up picture or image of a wood knot.  As a living material, wood catches the eye of most people in ways that are sometimes obvious, sometimes not so obvious. Are you able to capture the beauty of wood by the art of photograhy and turn your fascination into beautiful photographs? Building Europe, the European Wood Magazine, held a competition where entrants would send in pictures together with a brief text describing the location and circumstances under which they took the picture.The rules were simple.

There was no age limit and every entrant could have entered a maximum of three shots each.  You may be an architect, builder or home owner and be especially proud of a picture which captures the essence of your design, construction or home. Or perhaps you just stumbled on something beautiful during an afternoon walk . A selection of those pictures were to have been featured in an issue of Building Europe.

Shared your fascination and maybe you could have won  first prize: a Nikon D70 kit with 17-80mm DX Nikkor lens.

The competition was about the art of photography and the fascination for wood. Every sender was only permitted to submit pictures of which she or he was the copyright holder.