The first Steering Committee meeting for wood

The first Steering Committee meeting

The first meeting in the Roadmap Steering Committee for Wood in sustainable development was held Wednesday 20 October in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Dööri from EPF and Mr. Offner representing EOS chaired the meeting.The meeting supported the idea to continue the work to produce a Book of arguments to be presented in 2005. The Book of arguments will be based on the fact sheets, which were produced to support the meeting with members of Parliament Monday 22 November 2004.

A working group was asked to prepare a proposal for Action plan for 2005.
Nomination of members to the Steering Committee was also discussed.

Validation of environmental arguments

As part of the project our environmental arguments – Sustainable forestry plays a key role in mitigating climate change, Wood products act as carbon stores, Using wood instead of other materials is good for the climate and The whole eco-cycle of wood products is eco-efficient – were to be validated by independent organisations. The first validation was made by International Institute for Environment and Development (iied) and The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM) in UK. A full report and a briefing report was sent out during the spring 2004 and is also available from Nordic Timber Council.The second validation was carried out by Centre Technique du Bois et de l’Ameublement (CTBA) under peer review of Ecobilan in France. The reports are finalised and attached as separate files.

Download Validation of environmental arguments – CTBA>>

Download Final critical review report – Ecobilan >>

Book of Arguments

A result of the project is to create a toolbox with validated environmental information, such as a Book of Arguments. CEI-Bois will arrange seminars to the Members of Parliament and the first seminar will take place at CEI-Bois November 22, 2004. For this seminar the working group has created five factsheets regarding Europe’s most environmentally friendly material covering:· Forestry
· The woodworking industry
· Wood products as carbon stores
· Wood products and climate change
· The ecocycle of wood products

These factsheets will be the basis for the final Book of Arguments. After the seminar the factsheets can be ordered as paper copies from Nordic Timber Council or be downloaded to the right.

Four new articles to download:

In the Bulletin in November 2003 and in March 2004 you have earlier received nine articles and now you can download four new articles from below.

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12 Embodied energy and CO2 emission of wood- and concrete-framed buildings in Sweden.

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