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The Nordic Timber Council was disbanded in Mid 2007 All enquiries to the council should be made to http://www.arbio.se/     The owners of this site have no affiliation to the Nordic Timber Council of Old




The organisation
Nordic Timber Council AB is a joint wood promotion organisation funded by the wood products industries in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Nordic Timber Council has a strategy of generic promotion of wood, based on environmental properties and sustainable forest management. The objective of Nordic Timber Council is to increase the consumption of wood in Europe to 0,25 m3 /capita by the year 2010. Nordic Timber Council focuses its efforts on the European market and by establishing European co-operation in wood promotion. Main mission is to generically promote wood based products and solutions to consumers, trade, industry, specifiers, politicians and other opinion formers.

Major project areas
The wood.for good campaign
The wood.for good campaign managed by Wood for Good Ltd will run for its third year in the UK.

The campaign “Le Bois … c´est essentiel!”
The Nordic Timber Council and the CNDB  (National Committee for the Development of Wood) signed, on 5 November 2003, a cooperation agreement for the 2004-2006 period and are now busy with the planning and preparation of the campaign.

New Markets
The New markets project will continue in Japan and China.
Pan European
The 4th major project area consists of Pan European activities in co-operation with European promotion organisations.

All of the four major project areas comprises of sub projects. Costs and Financing relates to net figures. Additional financing and corresponding activities are expected through financiers in the UK and in France.

4 comments on “About NTC”

  1. Hugh Alcorn Reply

    I am looking for a list of Nordic timber mills to supply my UK markets.
    Hugh Alcorn

    • admin Reply

      HI Hugh Please visit the about page and click the link through to Nordic timber council , this will take you to biggest timber suppliers in the nordic countries.

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  3. Lyn Clifton Reply

    As a university student, working on a dissertation that includes the Norwegian timber, fishing, oil and gas industries, I would like to thank the authors of this informative article for the useful facts and figures that are contained within it.

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