Garden office trend increases demand for timber buildings

Over the last few years with the rise of internet working workplaces have become less traditional by definition. A growing number of people both self employed and able to  work from home for companies have started to help create a boom industry in the Garden office industry sector. Garden offices used to be thought of something only of the preserve of the well off but with the arrival of free flowing trade these have come down in price and often make a very viable alternative to renting an office . One example of having a designated working space and it making  financial sense is the example of the initial outlay for a detached home office building being returned within a short period of time. The cost of renting an office can quickly be recouped within a number of years as opposed to renting long term . It is always more financially viable long term to buy and not rent . The increasing trend of it just making sense to work from home makes it an investment to have a purpose built unit

Traditional timber building used to come in only a few shapes and size and cost was one of the most prohibitive factors stopping people from purchases them, the typical timber building would have been some form of log cabin and the wood would have usually come from Scandinavia. With the capitalising of the old soviet block countries new timber supply markets emerged and having lower labour and manufacturing costs, the price of timber buildings fell.

This helped to fuel the growing industry it is possible to search the internet and find literally hundreds of garden office suppliers, with many different designs and models on the market to suit almost every budget. It is estimated that around an extra 2000 metres per year of new timber is needed to keep up with demand for garden office and log cabin type buildings.

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  2. Hamble Holiday Log Cabins

    Can anyone suggest insurance providers that issue homeowner policies for log homes or log cabins?

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  3. Garden Office

    I found this post whilst looking for other information on garden offices however its really interesting to see how much extra timber is needed to support the growing requirements of log cabins and garden offices. 2000 metres extra a year is a huge amount, I just hope the timber suppliers re-plant the equivalent or more….Great post, makes you think how much this affects the forests etc!

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