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Swedish forest ecosystem management

Essentially, well-managed woodlands and forests are an important renewable resource. They produce vital raw materials, while creating minimal waste and energy use. When rich in species, diversity and habitat, forests make a positive contribution towards increased ecosystem stability. Properly managed forests absorb the effects of disturbances and unwanted depositions. They help to prevent soil erosion,

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Swedish Primary Timber Trees

Sweden’s forests benefit from the Gulf Stream, because its warming effect permits forest growth at northerly latitudes that would otherwise be associated with treeless tundra in other regions. Additionally, eight vegetation zones can be identified in this Scandinavian country: Arctic Alpine Alpine North Boreal Boreal North South Boreal South Boreal Boreo-Nemoral Nemoral The majority of

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Swedish Forest Policy

Swedish Forest Policy The Swedish Forest Agency is Sweden’s national authority that is responsible for all forest related matters. The agency endeavours to ensure that Sweden’s forests are managed sustainably and that harvests are abundant, while biodiversity is simultaneously supported. The Swedish Forest Agency also strives to promote increased awareness of the importance of the

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