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Swedish Forest Policy

Swedish Forest Policy The Swedish Forest Agency is Sweden’s national authority that is responsible for all forest related matters. The agency endeavours to ensure that Sweden’s forests are managed sustainably and that harvests are abundant, while biodiversity is simultaneously supported. The Swedish Forest Agency also strives to promote increased awareness of the importance of the

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Norwegian Forest Policy

Norwegian – Forest Policy The foundation of Norwegian forest policy is built upon promoting resilience and long term stability of resources. Policies for Norwegian forest management aim to promote sustainability and to meet cultural, social, ecological and economic needs in the present and the future. Norway has signed resolutions on the sustainable management of Europe’s

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Danish Forest Policy – Overview

Danish Forest Policy – Overview The Danish Forest Act, passed in 2004, has ensured the ongoing protection and conservation of Danish forests. The act supports the promotion of sustainable forest management (SFM) and increasing the area of forested land, with a view to encouraging ecological, social and economic values. Sustainable management refers to the fact

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