2nd advertising wave of the promotion campaign

2nd advertising wave of the promotion campaign
Le bois c’est essentiel

The French promotion campaign in France, Le bois c’est essentiel, was launched 

After the first message Did you know that consuming wood is doing good to our forests, the second part of the campaign showed that the advantages of wood as a building material by saying, ” There is always a solution in wood.

Three spots of 10 and a spot of 20 were scheduled to be on the air during two weeks at (October 7th to 21st) and two weekends (October 29th and 30th and November 5th and 6th) on the channels France 2, 3 and 5, Canal + as well as several cable and satellite channels. The TV spots were reinforced by press advertisements in the most important housing, decoration and DIY magazines of the time. Six publications were schedules to take place. The objective of both TV spots and press ads was to incite the consumers to consult the website in order to find the answers to their questions concerning the use of wood.Below: Three press ads for the consumer press, for example Art & Décoration and Elle Décoration

Below: Press ad for the professional press, for example Bois International and Negoce