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Timber frames in Passive Houses

What is a passive house? Passive house construction and technology was born around 20 years ago in Germany. The concept is actually very simple, but it remains a revolutionary idea throughout many cities in Europe. A majority of houses and commercial units in European cities were built using traditional construction methods. Unfortunately, many of these

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Innovations in Construction and European Timber

Innovations in Construction and European Timber Timber has the advantage of being a flexible material which reduces construction times, and it also impacts positively upon sustainability and energy conservation(s).  Aesthetically speaking, it can produce some of the most stunning and sustainable residential and commercial buildings. The EU recently unveiled their ‘action plan’ for Europe’s building

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Off Site Timber Frame Construction

Off site timber frame construction is now recognised as a good strategy for minimising waste through efficient manufacturing and design processes. Also known as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), offsite construction has many distinct advantages. Benefits such as quality, shortened construction times, cost control, increases in quality and environmental credentials have led to MMC becoming

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