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Swedish forest ecosystem management

Essentially, well-managed woodlands and forests are an important renewable resource. They produce vital raw materials, while creating minimal waste and energy use. When rich in species, diversity and habitat, forests make a positive contribution towards increased ecosystem stability. Properly managed forests absorb the effects of disturbances and unwanted depositions. They help to prevent soil erosion,

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Nordic Forest Legislation

Scandinavian Forest Legislation This is the first post in a series in which we will be examining Scandinavian forest legislation. Today’s post gives an overview of the history of Nordic forestry and sustainable forest management practices, before giving a quick overview of forest policy in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Subsequent posts in this series

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Danish Forest Policy – Overview

Danish Forest Policy – Overview The Danish Forest Act, passed in 2004, has ensured the ongoing protection and conservation of Danish forests. The act supports the promotion of sustainable forest management (SFM) and increasing the area of forested land, with a view to encouraging ecological, social and economic values. Sustainable management refers to the fact

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